New Products. Predator/Poison and Cheqio on Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

Hi everybody,

Its been a very busy time for Fred Dinsmore Billiards, new Volturi Cases added to the website.  The amazing Telescopic Rest by Pool Tools by Maik Halmer which has sold incredibly well.  And probably along with the introduction of Volturi the proudest moment since I started the business is the addition of the Predator Page on the website.  Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now able to supply Predator & Poison Products to Irish Pool Players and indeed Players Worldwide, this may be of interest to Wheelchair Players also.  This is great as it expands on my relationship with Predator Group as a Predator Sponsored Pro Player for the last several years, so I know first hand how great the products are and I am delighted to now be able to offer them to my customers.

Fred Dinsmore Billiards is also now an official affiliate site of Cheqio , this will be live over the weekend and this is great news as it strengthens Fred Dinsmore Billiards position in the industry with another world famous brand on the website.

More soon, thanks for reading.