New Products. Predator/Poison and Cheqio on Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

Hi everybody,

Its been a very busy time for Fred Dinsmore Billiards, new Volturi Cases added to the website.  The amazing Telescopic Rest by Pool Tools by Maik Halmer which has sold incredibly well.  And probably along with the introduction of Volturi the proudest moment since I started the business is the addition of the Predator Page on the website.  Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now able to supply Predator & Poison Products to Irish Pool Players and indeed Players Worldwide, this may be of interest to Wheelchair Players also.  This is great as it expands on my relationship with Predator Group as a Predator Sponsored Pro Player for the last several years, so I know first hand how great the products are and I am delighted to now be able to offer them to my customers.

Fred Dinsmore Billiards is also now an official affiliate site of Cheqio , this will be live over the weekend and this is great news as it strengthens Fred Dinsmore Billiards position in the industry with another world famous brand on the website.

More soon, thanks for reading.


Volturi Pool Cue Cases

Hi all,

Im delighted to confirm Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now an Authorised Volturi Dealer! This is in addition to the “Dinsmore by Volturi” cases (one of which is available now.

I have now updated the website so Volturi Cases are now available to buy directly from my website, I am really happy about this as it continues and expands my relationship as a player with Roger.

This part of the site is still a bit of a “work in progress” over the next couple of days I will be adding the facility to order any of the cases on the website in a different size made to order (this will take 2-3 weeks from order).  Fully custom cases are also available (please contact me).  If you see any of the cases in the meantime that is not your size please contact me.

Thanks for reading.


Dinsmore by Volturi – first completed case.

I am really excited to show the first “Dinsmore by Volturi” Cue Case 3×6. Ready for sale. Normal sale price €615 – launch sale price €550. email me for now if you want to purchase this case at:

There is another case in our range coming and then they will be available to purchase directly from the website.





Welcome to Fred Dinsmore Billiards Blog

Hi everybody,

I thought I would start a blog to let people know more about me and Fred Dinsmore Billiards and our fine products. If anybody has any questions or queries please feel free to contact me.

Probably a good place to start is with my recent World Titles in Blackball Pool which I won Singles and Doubles with Tony Southern (GB). This was my 5th World Title in 3 different Cue Sports (Snooker, 9 Ball Pool and now Blackball Pool) this is a world record – I am the only person in the World in any division to win World Titles in 3 totally different Cue Sports so if any proof was needed by purchasing a cue from me you would be getting the advantage of my knowledge, experience and expertise.

There are many great cues in our range – but as we are talking about my latest World Titles the cue I used to win these is our AR45, this is a beautiful cue. My Cue is Maple (but it can be made in Ash also) it was Ebony, Maple and Rosewood Splices all around the cue so 4 of each. It plays amazing, just the right balance. This cue is purely custom made to order and the price is excellent at €430 plus post.

I am also really pleased that in the coming weeks I will be launching my own range of 3 cues also Handmade by A&R Cues. Also in addition in the next week I can publish photos of the “Dinsmore by Volturi” Pool Case Range which I am doing in conjunction with one of my Sponsors Roger Assuncao Volturi Custom Cue Cases.

if anybody has any questions for me please contact me.

Thanks for reading.