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HOW Brand Sponsorship/Authorised Dealer.

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest sympathies to everyone in Ireland and indeed Worldwide affected by the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic its a very sad and worrying time for everyone.

I’m absolutely delighted to announce I am now a HOW Brand Cues & TIps sponsored player (and also still Andy Cloth) so it’s a total cue sport Brand sponsorship. Thanks to Andy and Florence for trusting me with HOW Brand and I hope it will be a successful partnership when everything gets back to normal – as it will in time.

As part of our deal Fred Dinsmore Billiards will be an Authorised Dealer for all HOW Brand Products – I have started adding these excellent HOW Products to the website and there are more to come. In the meantime any questions on HOW products please PM me (they are amazing)!!!!. Excited about getting back playing eventually and getting the hunger for more success back with HOW Brand.

Fred Dinsmore Billiards now an Authorised SAM Billiards Retailer

Firstly sorry I haven’t been able to update the Blog for a while a few things have happened…… As some of you that follow Fred Dinsmore Billiards on Facebook will have see. I am delighted to announce that Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now an Authorised SAM Billiards Retailer. This is massive news for my business – I can now offer customers an extensive range of Snooker & Pool products (including the beautiful Britannia Steel Snooker Cue Range), Snooker and Pool tables and accessories and in addition to this also Air Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Shuffleboard, Darts (normal & soft tip/electronic), poker and Jukeboxes.

The website will take time to add so many products but I have started, I have the range of Britannia Snooker Cues ready and will be live in next few days, but in the meantime if anyone has any questions or enquiries about any of the above products please feel free to PM me or email [email protected] or call me on +353872797314.

So now on the website we have:

Britannia Snooker Cue (and cues for Reds & Yellows).
Volturi Custom Pool Cue Cases.
Volturi Golf Bags.
Pool Tools.
Tiger Snooker Cues.
Acuerate Snooker Cues.
and of course where it all began – the beautiful A&R Handmade Snooker Cue Range!

Exciting times ahead!!!!!


Tiger Handmade Snooker Cues on Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

Hi Everybody

Im delighted to announce that today in conjunction with Darryl Ellis I added a new section/range of Snooker Cues.  They are really beautiful Handmade Snooker Cues “off the peg” particularly suitable for customers who may be on a budget but still want a very high quality cue.

The cues are added to the website but the page is a bit of a “work in progress” as the site needs to be changed/adapted to facilitate this addition – I will be doing this in the coming short time (I have to learn more of how to do it to be honest :-0)

In the meantime – enjoy looking at the range and any questions please contact me through and payment can be taken for any cue by PayPal.

Thanks for reading.








New Genuine Lizard Cue Wraps by Volturi on Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

Hi All

I am please to announce I have added a new page to Fred Dinsmore Billiards.  We now provide top quality Genuine Lizard Wraps from Volturi these can now be ordered directly through the website:

Here is one example:

Any questions feel free to pm me.


Volturi Golf Bags on Fred Dinsmore Billiards soon.

This is the announcement I hinted at some time ago that I wasn’t expecting? but it’s taken a while!!!

Volturi Golf Bag prototype is live!!! So Fred Dinsmore Billiards will be diversifying into Golf!!! 😂
Any questions PM me for now. The Volturi Golf Bag Page will be added to the Fred Dinsmore Billiards Website soon. img_0540 img_0541 img_0542 img_0543 img_0544 img_0545 img_0546 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549 img_0550 img_0551 img_0552 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555

Volturi Soft Cases Launched.

I am delighted to announce that Volturi Soft Cases are now available to order. Same Volturi quality and beauty and so much easier to carry, so the best of both worlds.

This case now available to order directly through my website, here is the link:

Can be ordered in 3×6 4×8 and 6×12.

Takes 5-6 weeks from time of order.

Price includes DHL delivery.


Cue Wraps by Volturi.

Hi all,

I am delighted to announce I have added a new page to Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

This is one of the wraps:


You can now purchase Genuine Lizard Wraps from Volturi directly through the website, here is a link to the page:

Any questions pm me.


Volturi End of Summer Sale!!!

Fred Dinsmore Billiards is having a MASSIVE “End of Summer Sale”!!!!

ALL Volturi Cases have increased discounts/reductions starting from today.

Cases must be ordered and paid in full to avail of extra discount, available until 31st August.  Lots of amazing offers to choose from.


New Products. Predator/Poison and Cheqio on Fred Dinsmore Billiards.

Hi everybody,

Its been a very busy time for Fred Dinsmore Billiards, new Volturi Cases added to the website.  The amazing Telescopic Rest by Pool Tools by Maik Halmer which has sold incredibly well.  And probably along with the introduction of Volturi the proudest moment since I started the business is the addition of the Predator Page on the website.  Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now able to supply Predator & Poison Products to Irish Pool Players and indeed Players Worldwide, this may be of interest to Wheelchair Players also.  This is great as it expands on my relationship with Predator Group as a Predator Sponsored Pro Player for the last several years, so I know first hand how great the products are and I am delighted to now be able to offer them to my customers.

Fred Dinsmore Billiards is also now an official affiliate site of Cheqio , this will be live over the weekend and this is great news as it strengthens Fred Dinsmore Billiards position in the industry with another world famous brand on the website.

More soon, thanks for reading.


Volturi Pool Cue Cases

Hi all,

Im delighted to confirm Fred Dinsmore Billiards is now an Authorised Volturi Dealer! This is in addition to the “Dinsmore by Volturi” cases (one of which is available now.

I have now updated the website so Volturi Cases are now available to buy directly from my website, I am really happy about this as it continues and expands my relationship as a player with Roger.

This part of the site is still a bit of a “work in progress” over the next couple of days I will be adding the facility to order any of the cases on the website in a different size made to order (this will take 2-3 weeks from order).  Fully custom cases are also available (please contact me).  If you see any of the cases in the meantime that is not your size please contact me.

Thanks for reading.