Volturi Pool Cue Cases – “Dinsmore by Volturi”

Hi all,

The time is nearly here when I can show everybody the cases in my own range but for now here is a quick sneak preview.

Im excited about these beautiful cases, even more so since they are in my name – I hope you like them.

Any questions just ask!





Welcome to Fred Dinsmore Billiards Blog

Hi everybody,

I thought I would start a blog to let people know more about me and Fred Dinsmore Billiards and our fine products. If anybody has any questions or queries please feel free to contact me.

Probably a good place to start is with my recent World Titles in Blackball Pool which I won Singles and Doubles with Tony Southern (GB). This was my 5th World Title in 3 different Cue Sports (Snooker, 9 Ball Pool and now Blackball Pool) this is a world record – I am the only person in the World in any division to win World Titles in 3 totally different Cue Sports so if any proof was needed by purchasing a cue from me you would be getting the advantage of my knowledge, experience and expertise.

There are many great cues in our range – but as we are talking about my latest World Titles the cue I used to win these is our AR45, this is a beautiful cue. My Cue is Maple (but it can be made in Ash also) it was Ebony, Maple and Rosewood Splices all around the cue so 4 of each. It plays amazing, just the right balance. This cue is purely custom made to order and the price is excellent at €430 plus post.

I am also really pleased that in the coming weeks I will be launching my own range of 3 cues also Handmade by A&R Cues. Also in addition in the next week I can publish photos of the “Dinsmore by Volturi” Pool Case Range which I am doing in conjunction with one of my Sponsors Roger Assuncao Volturi Custom Cue Cases.

if anybody has any questions for me please contact me.

Thanks for reading.